Prior to this project, all I’ve ever really had was a circle saw, jigsaw, basic reciprocating saw, cheap sheet sander, and a battery powered electric drill. Within the last couple of years I added a small hand router and an orbital sander with a dust port.

For this boat, I’ve acquired a ton of new stuff. I started out with the must have recommendations in the manual, then added more as I thought about it further.

Here is the new stuff and my thoughts so far. I’ll tweak my opinions if I feel they change during the project. If you’re like me and aren’t starting out with much, maybe this will help in figuring out where to focus.

As of 5/20/22:

Compound Miter Saw (10″ blade)
I’ve only had this a few weeks and I don’t know how I ever did without one. I’ve used it primarily in building a few new workbenches, carts, and stands. Terribly useful.

Table Saw
I’ve also been using this for a few weeks and it’s really handy. For PocketShip I can see where this tool is necessary but unlike the compound miter I could live without it under normal circumstances (though now I’m glad to have had an excuse to buy one).

Band Saw (10″)
The manual recommends 14″ minimum but I accidentally bought a 10″ and didn’t realize it until too late to return. We’ll see. I haven’t used this yet at all.

Drill Press
This is not a recommendation of the manual and it is one of the last things I’ve bought, which means I’ve been very unsure. And still am. I think it will be nice in certain situations but so far the jury is out.

Belt Sander
This is not a recommendation of the manual, but it is seen used quite a bit. I was going to hold off on this but bought one while building benches and have really liked having it. Can knock down a lot of wood real fast.

Bench Sander
This is recommended by the manual and it is one of the less expensive tools. Bought it, though still in the box.

Angle Grinder
I’m really not sure about this one and though I haven’t even used it yet I’m already having regrets. But it comes highly spoken of by the manual so we’ll see.

Brad Nailer
Used this a little already and it’s great. This is worth having for all sorts of stuff.

Corded Impact Drill
For years I’ve had an old corded drill that I’ve used when the battery powered was too weak (or dead). When we were all getting married, it was passed around for all the floor tiling projects that must have been popular at the time and I wound up with it (it wasn’t mine). It’s caked over with grout and gets hot really fast. It also starts on its own and even gets stuck ‘on’ from time to time. Tired of the bruises, I bought a new one.