Thinking (pre-purchase)


I’ve never blogged about anything before, and I’m still not sure whether I want to do it now.

The CLC manual seems straightforward but there are a lot of nuances that it just can’t cover. Builder’s blogs are a great complement to manuals.

I’ve been REALLY grateful for the time other builders have taken to document how they’ve worked through this build. They have been a big help to me as I’ve read and re-read the CLC manual, thinking through and trying to plan. So I feel like I ought to do a little something at least to add to the collective knowledge. Hope it helps someone.

For what it’s worth, I’ve only done one boat before. CLC’s Jimmy Skiff MkII. If I had not done that already, I would be pretty nervous about tackling this. Or at least being able to do a decent enough job to be worth all the expense and trouble.

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