Pre Stitching Spars Standalone Chunks

Spar Rotisserie

This weekend I rigged up all my spars in a ’rotisserie’ style setup so that I can apply a single coat to all sides of a spar at once. This should really speed up the finishing of these pieces. With these long angle irons that I’ve been using, it was easy to clamp up some racking at whatever lengths needed. The racks are simply 2×4 pieces with nails driven through to act as spindles. I think it worked out great and has me excited about applying all those epoxy and varnish coats. By ’excited’ I mean ’no longer dreading’.

What could go wrong?

Here are some closeups for what it’s worth. This isn’t rocket science.

Ready for wetwork

I also have completed the big fillets on the foot of my rudder and sanded it ready for fiberglass. Then I plugged up all the doors so as not to get dust into the rest of the house and got out my leaf blower. Turned on my shop vac, threw on a dust mask and had at it with the blower. I wasn’t really sure how this would work but turns out it’s a great way to clean the shop. I’d blow around to get stuff in the air and the shop vac would suck it right up. A lot would make it to ground of course but after a few sessions of blowing and sweeping (with the vac going the whole time) the shop is fairly dust free and ready for glassing and varnish.

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