New Tools

EpoxyAfter laying all the large fillets in the bilge I realized a need a better way to handle large batches of epoxy, both unthickened and thickened. SandingI have a couple of ideas for sanding fillets that I want to try out. Epoxy Dispensing & Mixing SpigotsThanks to Steve Sawtelle for pointing me to Wolverine Tuff. […]

Hull Assembly

Floors & Bulkheads, Pt.4 – Fillets

With all the tack welds in place it’s time to remove all the stitches and lay down large continuous fillets at all the seams. Prep Removing the stitches is fun. Seeing everything held together and standing on its on is satisfying. Just 1,517 more steps to go. Though I had cleaned my tack weld fillets […]