Unpacking and Prep

Shop Prep

The kit is scheduled to arrive in 3 days.

I’ve never had anything but the most basic of power tools. A circle saw, jigsaw, basic reciprocating saw for rough stuff, and a cheap sheet sander. For drilling and screwing, a simple battery-powered electric drill.

For my Jimmy Skiff II build, I bought a small hand router and a 5″ orbital sander. Actually I already had an orbital but it did not have a dust port. For JSII those tools were fine.

I’m counting on PocketShip taking me maybe 5 years (JSII took 2), as this is just a hobby for me. So I’ve been thinking of how I can make better use of my time. A few thoughts:

  1. Read and re-read the manual and as many of the build blogs that I can.
  2. Join the CLC PocketShip forum and ask questions. Reading through existing threads has been helpful in identifying areas I didn’t realize might be important.
  3. Reorganize the shop a bit to allow for multiple chunks of work at once. This includes building a couple of new benches on casters (which I think are a great idea).
  4. Invested in quite a few more tools. This has been pricey, even buying middle tier equipment. But having even just a compound miter saw for a few weeks now has made me realize how much time I can save with some better stuff. I’m simply not good enough with a circle saw to make consistent straight cuts (for example). Click here for some running thoughts on what I bought new for this project.

I might also add an entry later, on what I’ve learned so far in building up a shop. This would be of potential use only to amateurs. We’ll see what was worth my time and what was a waste.

Part of my preparation for a second project was actually finishing the first one. Here’s CLC Jimmy Skiff II kit boat, “Thister”


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