Unpacking and Prep

Kit Arrival

My kit arrived yesterday during an afternoon of thunderstorms. I was lucky to get everything unloaded without soaking the wood.

I had given the delivery some thought because I had a situation in which I knew the truck would not be able to get anywhere near my garage. I would need a way to get the 1,100-1,200 pounds of stuff 40 yards away and down a hill. Plenty of ways to do that.

What I did not count on was the driver not being able to simply drop the pallet (which comes wrapped up nicely in plastic) on the ground for me to deal with at my leisure. It had to be broken down and removed from the truck piece by piece. Which means you remove the plastic, exposing all the wood. Add in rain and it becomes tricky.

I met the driver in a nearby parking lot and backed my wife’s large SUV up to the back of his truck. Luckily we had a little break in the rain and, with a friend, we moved everything piece by piece into the SUV, which I then could drive into my garage.

If it had been pouring rain, I simply couldn’t have done it this way. The wood would have been ruined. The delivery truck was 13.5′ tall and couldn’t fit under any nearby parking garage, etc. I would have had to reschedule the delivery, which is certainly not the end of the world.

So, things to consider when ordering a kit.

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