Pre Stitching

Initial Steps II

I am continuing to prep as many pieces with epoxy that I feel is reasonable. And I mean 3 coats, plus sanding to finish-ready. This is floors, bulkheads, seatback frames, trunk insides, rudder insides, and keel pieces. Again, I’m looking to take advantage of the space while I have it, maybe protect from some warping, and simply reclaim some shop space by getting some of the big plywood pieces cut down into more manageable chunks.

I also went ahead and glued up the two noseblock pieces since I wound up with some leftover epoxy I could thicken up. I have also glued up the two centerboard pieces.

By the way, for many of these coats I have not been able to get subsequent coats down quick enough for a chemical bond. In those cases I do a quick once over with 120 grit in between coats.

These coats are all being done during the week after work. Takes about an hour each night. By this weekend I should have some time to start cutting blocking for the centerboard trunk and the rudder.

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