Pre Stitching Standalone Chunks

Spar Benches

I am also going to build my spars before stitching the hull.

I ran across two 20′ long pieces of 4″ angle iron and figured they would make good reference surfaces for spar work. Despite dropping one on my foot I finally got them mounted up on some sawhorses and I think they will be very useful. How my foot is not broken I don’t know.

Misc Update…

Since the last post I have also been working on my rudder, centerboard trunk, glassing bulkhead #2, and glassing the footwell pieces. Glassing bulkhead #2 is not in the manual but I have read about several other builders doing this in order to give more strength to the tabernacle mount. Also, the manual shows the footwell glassed after installation but I have read of others doing it on a bench ahead of time and that seems easier to me. I’ll post about all these things before too long.

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