Hull Assembly

Floors & Bulkheads, Pt.2 – Finish Stitching

Before applying the initial ‘tack weld’ fillets, all the floors and bulkheads need to be squared up and leveled.

As my shop floor isn’t perfectly level I first had to mess around with leveling the cradle itself. Then I stitched in the remaining floors and bulkheads (except for floor 3, more on that later). All pieces except bulkheads 1 & 2 used floor 4 and bulkhead 7 as references.

Floors 5 & 6

These pieces (similar to 4 & 7) all sat a little high and had to be shaved down a little. Interestingly, the outboard ends needed more rasped off than the inboard ends. I’m not sure what this means, if anything. It’s like the pitch of my bottom panels is off. Of course this makes me think I’ve done something wrong somewhere. We’ll see I guess.

The clamped stick is used to keep floors 5 & 6 straight until the tack welds are made. A long straight level was laid from the cleat on bulkhead 7 to the cleats on floor 4 and all the floor cleats were found to be level relative to each other. So…good.

Floors 5 & 6 (both sides of the trunk) took a bit to get right. Wasn’t hard at all but nor was it a matter of throwing them down and everything lining up and being perfectly plumb right out of the box. I’m assuming and hoping this is normal even with kits.

Bulkhead 8

This piece was much more straightforward. It needed virtualy zero shaping and was easy enough to make straight by clamping up to the very rigid bulkhead 7. Almost screwed up though…

Bulkheads 1 & 2

Bulkhead 1 had already been attached to help shape the bow when I was stitching that up. Now I added bulkhead 2 and noticed neither were exactly flat. So I clamped some rigid boards to both and then worked to get bulkhead 1 plumb. Once #1 was level I made #2 level by joining it to #1 with a couple of sticks. It looks ridiculous, but it’s now all “level on the level”.


Thicken up some epoxy and apply ‘tack welds’ in between all the stitches….

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