Hull Assembly

Floors & Bulkheads, Pt.3 – Tack Welding

All the pieces are stitched in and are all level, flush, plumb, etc., etc. Or…as much as they’re going to get at least. Now to start tack welds.

Before starting to glue, I got on the floor and taped up all cracks and holes from which epoxy might escape. Easier said than done to say the least.

Tack Weld Fillets

Before thickening my epoxy with the cel-o-fil I brushed epoxy on the bare wood where the fillets will go. This to help avoid potentially starved joints.

I started in the middle with the floors, then hit the bow, then the stern. Not that I think the order matters one bit.

You can see in the picture below that bulkhead #2 wasn’t able to seat completely flush with the bottom hull panels. I point this out, dear reader, for me not you. Just in case down the road I’m wondering why nothing’s joining up right, this might be a breadcrumb. Really, I doubt it matters.

Also…the stick you see is running from floors 4-7 and indicates my guesswork for the aft cleat location on BH2 was pretty good when I was masking for varnish. So I got that going for me.


Continue with fillets along the spine. After that I will remove the copper wire stitches and lay larger continuous fillets over the tack welds…

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